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Reinforcing steel


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Nordcert, its activities and background

Nordcert is the leading Swedish certification body in the field of structures for buildings.

We certify products, processes and persons and support education and training. The aim is to increase safety and reliability for structures raised in Sweden.

We use three certification marks owned by Nordcert:

Certification Authority for Steel in Building Structures for certification of reinforcing and structural steels and components

Betong och Ballast Certifiering for aggregates, ready mixed concrete and precast concrete products

for certification of persons

Nordcert is a notified certification body with the number 1505 according to the Construction Products Regulation, CPR.

We also administer a voluntary certification of steel building designers according to the SBI-mark owned by The Swedish Institute of Steel Construction.

The SBS and BBC marks have been used for decades.

Nordcert supports education of and training by influencing the programs for:

-    responsible persons for erection of steel structures, TR-stål
-    responsible persons for manufacturing of concrete connections, TR-svarm
-    welders of reinforcing steel
-    designers of steel structures

Contact information

Nordcerts product manager and auditor reinforcing steel: Jan Olof Johansson
phone: +46 8 34 92 40, mobile: +46 76 848 00 19, e-mail: janolof.johansson@nordcert.se

Nordcert AB
Wallingatan 33
S-111 24  Stockholm


The Swedish infrastructure behind certification requirements

Two different authorities publish building rules:

Boverket, The National Board of Housing, Building and Planning issues rules for design, execution and inspection of structures for buildings. Since May 2011, the Eurocodes in Swedish regulation, BBR, replaced other national regulations. Boverket issue the national application rules to the Eurocodes, in Sweden designated EKS. The EKS is find on Boverkets webpage, www.boverket.se

Trafikverket, The Swedish Transport Administration issues rules and documents specifying requirements for purchasing bridges. Their application document to the Eurocodes is published as EBS. Trafikverket also publishes documents containing technical requirements called TK Bro and TR Bro. See www.trafikverket.se

Although certification of material and products is often the most practical and cost efficient way to fulfil the authorities requirements it is not the only way to do so.
Since a long time the Swedish position is that certification is not obligatory. It is always possible to use a product without certification but in combination with extended inspection and testing. The CE-mark is also not obligatory in Sweden.

Recent trends in rules are harmonization with Eurocodes and European standards and more use of certification of persons.

Certification bodies, inspection bodies and laboratories that are active in the structural field should be accredited according to relevant European standards which means SS-EN 17065 for product and processes, SS-EN ISO/IEC 17020 for inspection and SS-EN ISO/IEC 17025 for laboratories.

Accreditation is in Sweden performed exclusively by Swedac, Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment.


Technical Advisory Boards, Sector groups, CONSCERT and Standardization

The activities of Nordcert are rooted in Technical Advisory Boards where actors in the building sector are represented. Presently there are Technical Advisory Boards for

-   reinforcing steel and components
-   structural steel and components
-   ready mixed concrete
-   precast concrete elements
-   aggregates
-   certification of persons

Nordcert is active in the European Group of Notified Bodies for the CPR and its Sector Groups (SG) for following products:

SG 14  Reinforcing steel and prestressing steel for concrete
SG 17  Structural metallic products
SG 13  Precast concrete products
SG 02  Cement, concrete, mortar and aggregates

CONSCERT is the European group for Certification of Constructional Steel. Its members are notified certification bodies in the area of constructional steel. Nordcert is the Swedish member. The aim of CONSCERT is to support coordination between certification bodies and to support activities which strengthen certification as a tool in the building process.

Nordcert is active in the Swedish standardization groups for reinforcing steel, structural steel, aggregates and concrete and follows the European standardization work.

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